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We understand how devastating any major asset loss can be because we have been through it.



We understand how devastating any major asset loss can be because we have been through it.


When one of our Principal Owners suffered a significant loss, we identified a major weakness in the large loss disaster response industry and launched a company that aims to improve the experience for others.

Due to several extenuating circumstances, historically, commercial property loss can be undervalued between 200% to 500%. TAD Recovery Services, LLC has invested a significant number of resources in researching the continued issues within the large loss valuations, that contribute to the persistent undervaluing of commercial assets. We have built our company around the current policies to make sure our clients are back up and running as soon as possible, without having their assets, company, or properties.

TAD has grown into one of the most respected specialized emergency mitigation companies in the industry, providing unparalleled customer service and immediate action. Following a loss, we are mobilized and on-site without delay to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.


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TW Mock
Owner Principal & CEO

TW Mock has had a dynamic career spanning 35 years that launched in the general construction space. After selling his construction firm, he moved into the private contracting sector for over nine years providing services around the globe, including the Middle East and Africa. TW returned to the United States and co-founded TAD Recovery Services.


With TW as CEO, TAD Recovery has become a leader in the large loss disaster recovery market and has been nominated for multiple top industry awards by providing clients with a dedicated services platform not offered anywhere else in the market. TW has grown TAD’s managed service portfolio to an excess of $27B in managed assets and has successfully integrated the firm into several preferred vendor programs in the direct carrier and re-insurance sector. TAD Recovery Services provides asset solutions throughout the lower 48 states, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Latin America. 


He is a dedicated family man who most enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and family. Serving as a private contractor for almost a decade gave him an appreciation and respect for the United States Armed Services and the veterans who served our country. He is passionate about helping our service members struggling with PTSD and currently sits on the board of a 501c3 dedicated to assisting veterans and their families.

Tanya Mock
Executive Vice-President

For the last 21 years, Tanya Mock has been President of the family business. Her impeccable management skills have allowed her to successfully support those around her while managing and leading several family businesses to success. Following the foundation and launch of TAD Recovery Services, she stepped into the position of Vice President and has been instrumental in providing the foundation of TAD’s continued growth and leading a team of dedicated professionals. Tanya brings structure and accountability to those she leads while encouraging professional and personal growth, leading to a more successful team.


Tanya is a fiercely dedicated wife and mother who most enjoys spending time with her family. She is passionate about helping those less fortunate and giving quietly to those in need. Her passion for philanthropy is evident in her support of various non-profit charities. With Tanya’s support and encouragement, both her husband and son sit on the board of a 501 c3 that is dedicated to assisting veterans who struggle with PTSD.

Andre Mock
Owner Principal & Vice-President of Operations

As Vice-President of Operations, Andre brings over 7 years of restoration and roofing industry experience to TAD Recovery Services’ leadership team. Starting as a project manager and working his way up to operations manager gave him the skills and knowledge needed to successfully partner with TW to launch TAD Recovery Services as Owner Principle and Vice-President of Operations. Andre manages all field operations from project management to equipment assets. He also plays a key role in customer satisfaction and project completion schedules leading to increased growth and revenue. He has successfully leveraged company output to improve ranking in the competitive field of disaster recovery.

In his personal life, Andre dedicated 15 years to dirt bike racing, being sponsored by different industry related vendors. Following his racing career, he developed a love for different motorcycles and ventured into street motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidsons. He enjoys side-by-sides and most other powersports. He loves spending time with his family and close friends.

chris head shot.jpg
Chris Soden
COO of TAD Recovery & Consulting Services - Senior Living Division

Chris brings over twenty years of experience in Senior Living Facilities, Asset Management, capital planning, disaster recovery, and project management to the TAD family. Throughout his career, Chris has been dedicated to providing exceptional care for aging adults in Senior Living communities. His journey began as a volunteer in a Memory Care community, where he also assisted his mother, who served as an Assisted Living Executive Director.


With determination and hard work, Chris swiftly ascended through the ranks, honing his skills as a Plant Director. This role granted him invaluable knowledge, expertise, and leadership abilities, enabling him to thrive in his career and enhance the lives of residents and staff in their communities. Recognizing his outstanding capabilities, Chris was ultimately promoted to the position of Vice President of Facilities and Engineering Services, where he successfully oversaw operations in numerous Senior Living communities across the United States.

During his leisure time, Chris cherishes moments spent with his remarkable wife and two beautiful daughters. His family deeply values quality time together and embarking on adventures around the world. They enjoy activities such as hunting, fishing, traveling, embracing spontaneity, and most recently, camping as a united front.

Tarah Toney
Finance Manager

Tarah has 12 years of experience in supporting and administrative roles for individual professionals, privately owned businesses across multiple industries, as well as nonprofit corporations.  8 years of that time were focused on accounting and financial systems. She currently holds a bachelor's degree from McMurry University & is working towards obtaining her CPA license. 

In Tarah’s free time she enjoys traveling to new and interesting places with her Fiancé. She also loves reading and cooking and is always ready for a good video game. Tarah has been instrumental in growing a 501c3 in supporting veterans and their families through PTSD.

Yoshi Fukasawa
Chief Estimator

Yoshi earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with honors from Midwestern State University. Much of his career had been spent in the automotive industry. After working his way through multiple departments and management, his last position was that of Parts and Service Director. During that time, he and his various teams earned multiple awards for customer service, repair efficiency, and inventory management. In 2017, after 22 years in the automotive industry, Yoshi decided to make a change and became a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster and began his journey with Hurricane Harvey. Over the next four years as a Public Adjuster, he assisted in the settlement of millions of dollars in claims through adjusting, appraisal, and umpire services. As the Chief Estimator for TAD Recovery, Yoshi is responsible for strategically planning and executing the assessment, scoping, sketching, and estimating of our projects. He also plays a vital role in working between our project management team and insurance company adjusters to reach a fair agreement for all parties involved.


Yoshi has always been an avid sports enthusiast. Currently a large portion of his free time is spent watching his daughters play volleyball or coaching his son’s football team. As a Master Mason and Shriner, he can also be found volunteering his time as the Chairman of the longest-running, high school all-star football game in the United States, the Maskat Shrine Oil Bowl Classic. If he’s not on a football field or at a volleyball tournament, you can always find him at the lake with his family or at a shotgun sports course.



Onsite Anywhere in the U.S within 6 Hours.

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