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TAD is committed to being a leading provider of oilfield equipment, supplies, and services. We prioritize quality and innovation in everything we do, ensuring that we meet the evolving needs of the industry with excellence and reliability.

Established in 2011, Now a Leading Innovator.


How TAD Recovery is Redefining Performance.

Our vision at TAD is to continuously set industry standards by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our products and services. We strive to drive progress in the oilfield sector, fostering sustainable practices and pioneering new solutions that lead the way to a more innovative future.

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Expertise in Upstream.

Exploration & Production (E&P)

TAD Recovery leverages advanced geological surveys, seismic assessments, and precision drilling to efficiently access and extract resources.

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Well Construction & Completion

Our specialized drilling techniques—vertical, directional, and horizontal—are complemented by robust casing and cementing for enhanced well stability. Our expert completion services optimize the setup of production equipment.

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Production Services

TAD Recovery deploys state-of-the-art technologies and services to maximize oil and gas extraction, supported by our sophisticated production infrastructure.

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Engineering & Maintenance Services

We specialize in the construction and proactive maintenance of oil and gas infrastructure, ensuring peak operational efficiency and safety.

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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Our logistics team provides efficient and reliable transportation solutions to ensure seamless delivery of equipment and materials, guaranteeing timely project execution and operational continuity.

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Specialized Transportation Services

We manage an extensive network, including specialized transport services tailored to meet critical project demands and optimize resource movement.

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TAD Recovery has adopted cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes to maximize efficiency.

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Through optimizing supply chain management and embracing sustainable practices, it has established new industry benchmarks. Deliveries and requests are now managed in real-time with unparalleled results.

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Forging Strategic Alliances with Leading Industry Players Has Been Pivotal To Our Success.

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With operations spanning over a decade in the broader Middle East and adjacent regions, these partnerships have not only expanded our market reach but also enhanced our ability to innovate and adapt. Our alliances have been instrumental in accessing new markets and leveraging local insights for sustained growth and competitive advantage.


Business Impact Analytics

Our rigorous performance tracking and analysis have consistently driven remarkable improvements in operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact, setting industry benchmarks. We pride ourselves on reliable, timely deliveries across all regions, regardless of challenges.

Setting the Standard for
Service Excellence.



Actively prioritizing and addressing customer needs to enhance their experience.



Consistently delivering superior service that exceeds customer expectations.



Firm commitment to achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.



Fostering lasting relationships through earned trust and sustained customer loyalty.


TAD Recovery stands at the forefront of innovation, transforming our industry through cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

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Our relentless pursuit of efficiency and excellence has not only set new benchmarks but also fueled significant growth. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, to partner in shaping a future where innovation leads to lasting success. Embrace the opportunity with TAD Recovery, where we turn today's ideas into tomorrow's achievements.

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