When disaster strikes, either a natural or manmade, are you partnered with a team that is geared up and ready to deploy and secure your wellbeing, assets and livelihood? The team of established, highly trained and prepared members with the Disaster Response Program.


I want to start by saying thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to introduce to you our Disaster Response Program.

We view our primary responsibility as being that of Business Continuity by means of prudent and timely Disaster Response, Recovery & Mitigation and Restoration Services.

Our organization has been working with commercial clients and their insurers for over 25 years. Our executive management staff alone represents more than 70 years of combined experience in the field. Getting our clients back to business is our primary business.
We continue to see deductibles and self-insured retentions rise industry & market wide. What this means to our clients is the upfront cost of restoration & recovery falls short, impacting our clients operating cost and impacting the overall bottom line financial performance.

Controlling those operating cost during a large loss event and keeping your business open, mitigates the loss of cash flow for your business and is the key to any recovery, large or small. Many in the industry view the cost of their services to be the primary consideration in selecting a recovery partner. We, however, take into consideration the TOTAL LOSS DOLLAR. That represents not just the cost of the recovery but also the cost of being out of business during the mitigation process. Our first consideration is responding to your specific need, no matter the time, circumstances or location, to get you back to doing what you do best by doing for you what we do best. We pride ourselves in servicing the lower 48, to include Puerto Rico & the USVI as well as the Bahamas & Select locations within Mexico.

While we will gladly travel to any location that our customers require us to be, we strive first to meet you’re here within the US. Our regional response centers are full-service locations providing our client base with company owned fleets of large- and small-scale drying equipment, which is unrivalled among all of our largest competitors. We are proud of that fact and readily pass those cost savings on to you, our client and partner.

Finally, we refer to our clients as partners. When a recovery is called for, that is when our relationship truly becomes a partnership for success. Additionally, we are pleased to offer training and educational services to assist you and your employees in disaster planning and recovery response. We cover many of the issues and subjects that are becoming ever relevant to the recovery of a commercial disaster which may cover health and safety issues, environmental and life safety matters, information recovery as well as information management and security in the disaster situation. We are working constantly to stay abreast of these ever-changing standards as well as changes in the insurance community. An emergency response plan deals with the immediate physical effects of a disaster and is used as an initial response. We do this all for you…our partner.

Emergency Response Team Structure:
Roles and Responsibilities:

An emergency response team is generally responsible or
• Maintaining policy compliance
• Emergency mitigation and repair’s as required
• Determining the right coverage for each situation
• Site Surveys – existing and created by contractor
• Moisture Mapping-after
• Internal rescue operations,
• Medical assistance, and
• Incident containment
Emergency Response Team Leader (DRPL)
• Primary director of emergency response team with overall responsibility for emergency response phase. • Coordinates emergency response activities along with On-Site Contact.
• Assesses situation and escalate emergency together with HOA Board and ERT
• Mobilizes DRP
• Primary responsible for formal plan activation, incident assessment, event logging, and notifications • Primary liaison with external authorities
On-Site Contact
• Together with DRPL, coordinates emergency response activities
• Together with DRPL, mobilizes DRP
• Together with DRPL, responsible for plan activation, incident assessment, event logging, and notifications • Secondary liaison with external authorities
Facilities Director
• Provides assistance and support to DRPL during incidents on premises
• Together with DRPL, mobilizes DRP
• Together with DRPL, responsible for plan activation, incident assessment, event logging, and notifications • Tertiary liaison with external authorities
Facility Security Manager
• Aids and support to DRP Leader during incidents on premises • Assists during evacuation
• Controls access to facilities
DRP Procedures:
Apart from the aid of public authorities, such as the police, fire, and ambulance services, our emergency response plan is the key internal emergency response in a crisis. A quick response is necessary in a crisis, the teams responsible for the following procedures must react without delay and without waiting for instructions.
The emergency response plan will ensure the following procedures are in place:
ERP 1 – Emergency Incident Reporting Procedure
ERP 2 – General/Fire Evacuation Procedure
ERP 3 – Medical/First Aid Procedure
ERP 4 – Bomb Threat Procedure
ERP 5 – Hurricane/Storm Procedure



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